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Random Ramsdom, 8/24: Rams the favorites?


Even though a lot of other NFC West teams, mainly the Cardinals, seem to be getting all the media attention, a lot of sites and people I read are still picking the Rams to win the division.  It's strange to see the Rams get little to no media coverage, but when it comes down to picking a favorite, they pick the Rams.  I believe it mostly because we are the safer pick for a division winner.  No one will call you stupid for picking the Rams to win the division if they end up not winning it.  Let's just get to the links.

Mike Sando's Top NFC West Teams

He list the Rams as the top team in the division!  He listed the Rams projected win total at 8.  After the Rams he had the Cardinals (7-8 wins), the 49ers (6-7 wins) and then the Seahawks (5-7).  He list the major concern for the Rams is the tough schedule, but I still don't see why people make a big deal for it.  The rest of the division plays same schedule minus two games.

Why the Rams cut Massey

Well the obvious reason is money.  Massey was due over one million and McQuaide is only going to get the first year minimum.  The savings will be over half a million.  The interesting thing is how Jake McQuaide learned he "won" the job.  Massey was actually the one who told him.  He congratulated him and wished him luck.  It's really nice to see a guy like Massey show that much class.

Quintin Mikell looking worth the money

On the first day of free agency the St. Louis Rams made a big splash and sign the best safety on the market.  Mikell was an undrafted free agent coming out of Boise St. and he made his mark on special teams, earning the Eagle's ST MVP twice.  He certainly learned a lot under one of the better safeties in the league at the time, Brian Dawkins.  Mikell didn't need to convinced very hard to come here.

"Once Spags called me, I was like, 'Yeah, let's go,' " Mikell said. "I was very excited. Because I know the defense, I know what he brings to the table, I love the way that he coaches. It'd be nice to help a program, an organization like the Rams, kinda get back to where they used to be."

He will make a lot of us forget about OJ Atowge.

DX putting off surgery, will play through the pain

Spags gave Danario Alexander the option to get a sixth surgery on his knee or to play through the pain and DX took the option of playing through the pain.  Spags said he was a one tough sucker for playing through it.  I actually agree with his decision.  Getting a surgery would only make his knee better for 2-3 years.  Now is that worth missing a large chunk of a season or even the whole season?  No!  The fact is DX will have to deal with pain all his career and this is just the start of it for him.

That's all I got for you today, have a good one and GO RAMS!!