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Why you shouldn't write August NFL predictions in ink

When the NFL released the 2011 schedule, St. Louis Rams fans were aghast. The up and coming team drew, coming off one of the easiest schedules in team history, drew a tough one, featuring the NFC East, AFC North, the Super Bowl champs and the perennially tough New Orleans Saints. Dutiful listeners of Turf Show Radio, however, know that fortunes changes in an instant in the NFL. We counseled listeners not to make too many bets for the Rams' over/under win total. Over the last 24 hours, the New York Giants have reminded us why. 

Word out of New York today is that the team's second-round pick, DT Marvin Austin, tore his left pectoral muscle and will likely be out for the season. That news comes less than 24 hours after the Giants lost their top CB Terrell Thomas to a torn ACL in last night's preseason game. Earlier this month, the G-Men lost their top draft pick, CB Prince Amukamara. 

That's a tough offseason. Rams fans can appreciate it and sympathize.

It's also hard not to think that it doesn't change the predictions for the Rams' week two game with the Giants. Of course, the Giants still have a pretty good team, and even without three likely starters, the Rams will still have their hands full when they visit the Meadowlands on Monday, September 19. 

Hopefully the Rams can stay healthy between now and then.