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Turf Show Radio (S3E3) recap - Great Googily Moogily!

  'Twas a solid episode of Turf Show Radio, this Saturday.  Yes, 'twas.  Much thanks to Brick Top, David from the great state of Texas and KnoxFan/newbee for calling in.  A quick recap after the fold.

00:07 - "LIVE!"

01:17 - I don't do heroin, but I do do football.

03:30 - Colts recap

09:06 - Just before the show spirals into the pits of mushmouth nonsense, Brick Top saves us from ourselves to talk about three players of interest this preseason.

09:38 - First up, FB Brit Miller.

13:04 - Ga-noogli? Gan-ugly?  Great googily moogily!

16:17 - And lastly, Donnie Avery.

21:11 - David jumps in and offers his thoughts on Avery

22:05 - To DX or not to DX?  And my thoughts on deep threat usage.  (Of course, the opposite applies in the case of Brandon Gibson.  As an intermediate range WR, it helps to go long occasionally and establish that threat.  It helps more when it works.)

25:35 - How valuable is a QB coach?

29:43 - Sorting out the linebackers

33:45 - Knoxie joins the show...and he means business

34:25 - Preseason wins may not mean much in the end, but they sure do feel good and morale counts (see: Titans icing Josh Brown)

39:36 - Who should back up Sam Bradford at QB?

42:38 - "Yeah, I owned the Kremlin for 2 months in '83.  It was a crazy weekend."

43:03 - Van runs down the roster cut process

45:40 - I prompt Van for a State of the Franchise assessment

49:13 - Draft talk

1:05:58 - At this point, Van needs to get "editorially, spiritually & imbibably (?)" ready for the game.