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TST Mailbag

So the Rams are now 2-0 in the preseason, so who is excited? I wouldn't blame you if you aren't. The Rams starters killed the Colts, but didn't look impressive at all against the Titans. Okay, I guess I can't say it was all bad, but man most of it didn't excite me. 

It's a good thing the Rams are knocking this rust off week two of the preseason, and not week one against the Eagles. This team really has a lot of improving to do, but there isn't a reason to panic,no one was injured, and at the end of the day adjustments will be made. 

With that being said, time to get to your questions.

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Jeremy Maxwell Kramer Why is the defense taking games off this early in the season?

Tevin: In the defenses defense, they are working with a real short training camp. Tackling seems easy, but it takes some getting used to. With that being said, they missed some assignments also, and the Rams don't want to show all their tricks.

Christopher Delgado Do you think Jermelle Cudjo or Gary Gibson will make the team? After watching Darell Scott last night he did a pretty good job getting penetration and taking up 2 blockers.

Tevin: You can never have too many big men........ I would expect one or most likely both of them to stay. Robbins is old and injures could happen to anyone on the D-line. 

Danny Eric Escobar I didn't get to watch the game, but 6 rushes for 10 yards for Steven Jackson? What went wrong!

Tevin: Run blocking was real poor. Plus Steven Jackson is really rusty.

Nickolas Vargas y do people give the rams grief when thay just came back from a 1 and15 team two years ago?

Tevin: The Rams are a small market team, but don't forget the Rams have 2 MNF games.

Joseph C. Barrow Jr. What do you believe is the teams approach for the pre-season games? Do you think they take the scrimmage game approach or more so like practice drills?

Tevin: I believe it's a mix of two things. I think They treat it like a regular season game for the most part. If they didn't I would think they would be throwing the ball everywhere to see who stands out.

Joe Bacardirazzi Who will lead the league in KOR TDs this season and with how many? Or will there be 5-6 leading KOR scorers w/ 1 apiece? why is it that each year the Rams get better, the shittier the NFL game gets?

Tevin: Your guess is as good as mine. But on a side note, the Rams kickoff returns weren't good last year, so I'm okay with the rule.

Mike Tockgo I believe that we are a wide receiver short, two linebackers away, and 2 quality dbs, away from seriously competing for a championship....what would your take be in regards to possibly trading Steve Jackson and shoring up our needs??  .i think that Toston kid is the real deal at running back....we can start Caddy Williams until Toston is ready....

Tevin: If I was a GM it would depend on the offer. However I don't know if I want to have Williams, who performed better as a backup, Norwood who is injury prone, and an undrafted free agent as my running backs.

Imi Fanene do u think there is any chance the rams might go after T.O before the season begins?

Tevin: I wanted T.O on the Rams for a while. He is coming off of an torn ACL though, so I doubt we sign him. Now Mark Clayton on the other hand............

Kary Zweygardt what was the final word on Clayton? How is Murph getting along?

Tevin: No clue about Clayton, but there probably isn't a market out there for him. Maybe the Browns or Bills or looking at him. I heard Murph tweeted someone and said he would play this year. We will find out in a week or so.

Kevin Fles 

why arent our free agent OLB's starting? --are they worse than advertised?

I know its early, but George Selvie seems to never get any attention, but always looks good. His 1st two years in college were incredible, he could have been a 1st round pick had he left early, like Quinn; Could he end up starting ahead of Quinn in the future?

what position will Rams address first (waivers) when other teams start cutting? CB?? OLB??

Tevin: The OLBs we brought in should be an upgrade over what we had last year. Spags like players to earn a spot. I also like Selvie, don't don't think he will be better than Quinn though. Most likely CB, but it depends on who it is.

Sergey Konyshev i'll bring-up the fitz 8-year deal. We'll have to deal with some great WRs for, apparently, a long time; so how's the rams' secondary looking for this year and future years? Also, OLBs - clearly I didn't watch the game, but from what I've been reading, they haven't done all that well, Rams won't win 8 games by playing the 4-1 or 3-1 D, what will they need to do?

Tevin: It doesn't look great at CB. Bartell and Fletcher deals run out soon. We don't know how Murphy will look after his injury. I'm not sold on Justin King. The Rams have some young DBs, who can develop so it's too early to say.

The Rams need to let some of their new OLBs play with James L. Then we will see how they look.

Robert Buchanan III Whats the word on Greg Salas,Austin Pettis,and Danario Alexander? I haven't heard much about them in training camp or in the pre-season.

Tevin: Really nothing much. Austin and Greg are rookies so they most likely will struggle. DX didn't play a lot in the last game. Will be interesting to see how much he plays this week.

Josh Wehrle why am I so awesome?

Tevin: Why do ugly girls look good drunk? One of the greatest mystery's  in life.