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Head coach Steve Spagnuolo not pleased with his starters

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Not a total disaster, but the St. Louis Rams' starting units came up shot last night, underwhelming the heightened expectations they set for themselves. The second and third teams turned in some impressive performances. The starters, on the other hand, left their head coach displeased. Here's head coach Steve Spagnuolo:

And if I know this football team like I think I do, I think they feel like I do about the performance in the first half. Because I don't think anybody is going to be blinded by the fact that we won the football game, and feel real good about it.

Run defense, or the lack thereof, particularly upset the former defensive coordinator. 

I didn't think the tackling was very good, either. It's concerning. But we're not going to get alarmed here and panic.

He's not going to panic, and neither should you. Week three of the preseason is a pivotal one. Teams start prepping for their third game using the players that mostly reflect who'll be in the starting lineup on opening day. Expect some names to change among the starter this week. 

Other than a few minor, precautionary injuries, the Rams did accomplish one key goal for preseason play: no injuries. Keep you fingers crossed.