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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 8/21: Rams are 2-0

It's another Sunday and we find the Rams once again victorious in the preseason. Even though the Rams won on a last second field goal by Josh Brown, the game still left us with many questions particularly at the WR position. OH, and the D Line didn't look all that good either giving up monster runs, et al; 2010, 2009.

At any rate, a win is a win right?

Now on to the links - WARNING: Before you do, take a deep breath and make sure you've already drank your morning coffee:

Last nights game still yielded few answers to questions we need to have answered sooner rather than later. Donnie Avery did show some flashes last night, Brandon Gibson pretty much cemented his roster spot with the 83 yd touchdown, Cadillac Williams still looked impressive and Mikell continues to look good, leading the team in tackles (mostly due to inept D Line play).

After that? Not even sure what to say. The WR position is like (someone said this in the game thread last evening) a roller coaster ride.

Hope y'all have a great Sunday.