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Fantasy Football: It's your check out these awesome picks

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Fantasy Football returns. Oh. Yes. I enjoy giving my hard earned money to the dill-rod in receiving. Just like I do in fantasy football...every. damn. year. I honestly only play fantasy football out of a strange desire to wreck my enjoyment of the season by week 12.

At week 8, after so many painful years of watching the St. Louis Rams, I gave up hope, transferring my remaining allegiance to the some waiver wire pick up...for a mere week. It's sick. 

But this year seems a little different. This year will be a better year for the Rams, the tipping point. I'll feel better about them and feel, sadly, just a little better about myself too. 

Hey, that might give the Rams some fantasy credibility. 

A couple of options to consider. A couple fantasy options from the Rams who benefitted from free agency...

...sick, sick, sick. 

Steven Jackson - Jackson may not get the number of carries he did last year, but he got a big upgrade with the addition of free agent guard Harvey Dahl. Can he stay healthy?

Sam Bradford - He should have a number of targets to choose from, and a better offensive line keeping the tides at bay. He's going to be throwing the ball, and ideally should get more scores that the woeful Rams offense of about 18 points a game. Keep a close eye on training camp and the preseason to see if he actually has enough reliable options to throw it to. Lots of unknowns here. 

You're nuts if you think I'm going to go out on a limb here and recommend a wide receiver. Did you not read above? I'm cheap. Low risk. Keep an eye on this group in the preseason, patterns could really emerge. It's your 12th round (or 15th since there are kickers available in the 12thr round) pick; do what you want with it.

I had some site news to pass a long too. But I can roll that in morning or some other get damn time when I feel like getting around to it. Have a lovely evening. 

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