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St. Louis Rams sign Jerious Norwood

It's official. The St. Louis Rams signed free agent running back Jerious Norwood to a one-year deal. Norwood to the Rams has been all but a foregone conclusion all day. Now, since Adam Schefter tweeted it, it officially becomes...official. The question remains, are the Rams done adding running backs?

Talk earlier today was that they still see the need for another running back. They should. Norwood is an intriguing option as a role player, speedster, but would not be considered a true backup to Steven Jackson. The Rams said themselves that they might be making more than one announcement today

Ronnie Brown signed with the Eagles today, taking one option off the table. I suspect the lure of champships pried him away from other suitors. Cadillac Williams is another option, and is known to be content in a backup role, which he would most certainly be with Steven Jackson in the mix.