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St. Louis Rams training camp, day 4: Open thread

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It might be the hottest day of year. It might be so hot, that people are trying to get into Hell just to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Hot or not, the St. Louis Rams take the practice field again today for another day of work in pads. 

Remember, if you're headed out to practice, let us know and give us your feedback. If you're on Twitter and plan to be at camp today or any other open date, we'll include you on our Twitter list. 

Below, is the list of fans and media tweeting from practice. Follow along and discuss in the comments below. We'll have a complete recap from today's practice on the site later. 

Alright, keep you fingers crossed for an injury-free training camp. 

On the free agent front, we're still waiting for news of signings. It sounds like the Jerious Norwood is all but official at this point. Philly just grabbed Ronnie Brown, so cross him off the list.