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Free agent update: Cadillac Williams and the Rams safety situation

The notion that the St. Louis Rams would add two free agent running backs seems to have some credibility. With the team oh so close to signing speedster Jerious Norwoodanother name has surfaced as a potential candidate, another old familiar name that's come up before: Cadillac Williams. 

Williams, from Tampa Bay, is now said to be a viable option for the other running back addition. He would be more of a true backup to Steven Jackson. Williams isn't as prominent as Ronnie Brown, and probably doesn't offer as much. As part of a trio with Steven Jackson and Norwood, he'd be a useful addition. He can also be useful in pass blocking.

For those of you keeping score at home, good luck. That's a solid half dozen running backs the Rams are said to be interested in, including Ronnie Brown who supposedly has an offer from the Rams. 

Oh, and draftniks, this would almost certainly put running back on the Rams' list for the 2012 NFL Draft. 

Safety Dance

Another free agent tidbit of note. The Rams pursued Quintin Mikell with an eye on the Eric Weddle situation, per Pro Football Weekly. Supposedly, the wanted to get a deal done before Weddle signed and other teams swooped in on Mikell. 

Even more interesting is that Criag Dahl is projected to move to free safety with Mikell at strong safety, though safeties are interchangeable in the Rams' defense.