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3 easy steps to fixing the reciever situation

As the only TST writer that has yet to post something this week, I figured it was about time I jumped back into the fold. Today I want to talk about the surplus of recivers that we have. Seeing as how we have twelve on the roster right now, at least five will have to go. See what I think should be done with the recievers after the jump.

Step 1: eliminate the players that are clearly training camp/preseason fodder.

With this step we can go ahead and cut Joe West, Greg Matthews, and Jalil Carter. I don't think any of these guys were brought in with the intention of them making the final roster anyway.

Step 2: See what the remaining nine recievers would bring back via trade, and then pull the trigger on the trade that brings back the most value.

The remaining recievers are Danario Alexander, Danny Amendola, Austin Pettis, Greg Salas, Mike Sims-Walker, Mardy Gilyard, Donnie Avery, Brandon Gibson, and Dominique Curry. Of these recivers, I think Amendola could potentially fetch a 3rd or 4th round pick, but he is also the most reliable reciever on the roster so I probably wouldn't trade him unless an offer just blew me away. I think we could get a 5th round pick for Avery or Gibson, so I would likely be trying to trade one of those two. I really like Gibson, but Avery's speed brings a dimension to the offense that we wouldn't have without him, so it looks like I'm trading Gibson in this pretend world of mine.

Step 3: cut the worst reciever and open the season with 7 on the active roster (remember we have a free roster spot because McDaniels doesn't keeep a fullback on the roster, he just uses a tight end as an H-back).

Some people on TST might think that the worst remaining reciever is Mardy Gilyard, and they might end up being right. However I am holding out hope that Mardy can get his act together this season and become a reliable threat for Bradford. Remember Mardy was a 4th round pick and this is just his second season so I think we should give him at least one more opportunity to prove his worth. I would cut Dominique Curry and put him on the practice squad. This leaves us with the following 7 recievers: Alexander, Sims-Walker, Amendola, Avery, Pettis, Salas, and Gilyard. I think that group could end up being dangerous with McDaniels and Bradford running things on offense. One last note: I like Mark Clayton, but apparently his knee is not okay yet, so I would not sign him, but I do think he will play for an NFL team this season.

What would you guys and gals do about the reciever situation?