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St. Louis Rams expected to sign Jerious Norwood (UPDATED: All but done now)

As advertised, Falcons free agent running back Jerious Norwood is at Rams Park for a visit today. Will the St. Louis Rams make him an offer he can't refuse? The answer to that question could signal the end of the Rams quest for a backup running back and last major move in this year's whirlwind round of free agency.

We've said all that needs to be said about Norwood: former Mississippi State Bulldog, knows RB coach Sylvester Croom and GM Billy Devaney from his past playing experiences, health risks and system feasibility. Could Norwood be the one?

On the Rams' official Twitter feed, they did offer this little teaser, saying there would be a free agent annoucement, or two, later today

Could it be two running backs? I've said that would be the preference if Norwood is one addition, and at least on NFL pundit seems to agree. Adam Caplan shared a few thoughts on Norwood and the Rams b/u running back situation earlier today on Twitter:

Norwood played under Rams RB coach Sylvester Croom at MSU, so there's that connection. He still wouldn't solve RB issue there, though.

Norwood really a change of pace RB, injury issues. Can't be true #2.

Caplan went on to say that Jason Snelling (said to be out of the mix completely, but also once said to have an offer from the Rams) and Jerome Harrison (about whom things have been conspicuously quiet) would be the best fits for the Rams. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Rams are said to have a multi-year deal on the table for Ronnie Brown

UPDATE: Caplan now says he expects the Rams to sign Norwood

I'm expecting Norwood to sign with STL, but keep an eye on Chauncey Washington. Much more powerful than Norwood.

Stay tuned. 

UPDATE: Norwood underwent a physical and worked out for the Rams yesterday, and was at walkthroughs this morning, per Howard Balzer. He also notes that the Rams would still be in the market for another running back. 

UPDATE: Tony Softli says Norwood was having his team photo taken today's all but done now.