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Random Ramsdom, 8/19: Vermeil Speaks Out


Tomorrow the Rams will play their second preseason game against the Titans.  The starters will play for a lot longer in this game than the first game, so it should be a good time to analyze the team.  The reason Spags has said the starters are playing longer is that the new practice rules aren't allowing enough time to do everything he wants.  Most coaches agree that the new practice rules are stupid, but the fact is every team has to deal with them.

On to the links

Rams wouldn't have won SB under current practice rules

Vermeil came and visited the team and reporters asked him how he felt about the new practice rules and he came up with this bit.

"I don't like the restrictions they gave to practice time," Vermeil said of the new rules. "It's going to be hard to get better. The fortunate thing is everybody is operating within the same rules. You just have to do a better job within them. I think it's going to hurt the quarterbacks, especially the young ones. It's going to hurt the medium player, the average guy. How does he get better and hang on the roster next year? How are young kids coming up going to make it when you don't give them any reps?"

Vermeil who was know for his very physical camps even said that the 99 Rams wouldn't have won the Super Bowl under the current practice rules.  I agree with all he is saying, but the fact is that's what was negotiated in the CBA and coaches and teams are going to have to adjust.

Several former players suing the NFL

Some former players are suing the NFL over their handling of concussions.  They state that the NFL taught payers to hit with the helmet and that they hid evidence connection football and brain injuries.  I was expecting a case like this for a while.   I do believe the NFL knew about concussions long before they did anything about them.  It will definitely be a thing to watch over the new few months.

Avery pumped for Saturday's Game

More than any other Ram, Donnie Avery needs to play in Saturday's preseason game.  He will play and he is excited about it.  Bradford has this to say about Donnie.

"I thought Donnie looked really good (Wednesday)," Bradford said. "I thought he looked quick. I thought he looked fast. He made good decisions. He had a 'sight adjust' where he saw the safety come, and he made the right read."

Donnie will really have to play well the next few weeks to catch up with the rest of the team.  Saturday is the most important game for him in his NFL career.

That's all I got for today.  Be sure to stay tuned to TST for game previews for Saturday's preseason game.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!