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St. Louis' most valuable sports blog?

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We work hard to bring you all the St. Louis Rams coverage, discussion, news and analysis you care to eat. Every now and then we ask just a little in return. And right now, we need your help.

For some reason or another, Turf Show Times has been nominated as a candidate for the best sports blog by CBS St. Louis' Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011. If you wouldn't mind, head on over there and vote for TST. I promise not to walk off Piers Morgan's show when and if we win the award. I'm sure CBS' local web efforts could probably use a little of the TST bump themselves. 

Since we're talking housekeeping, don't forget to tune into Turf Show Radio this Saturday at 5 p.m. Central time. It's the perfect pregame audio experience, without the silly commercials punctuating the chatter. We're all talk...all Rams talk that is. 

Alright, we've only got like 6 posts on the site today, so I've got to get back to writing. Let me again say thanks for making TST a great community (the blogger himself has nothing to do with it), which is what matters more than go vote, pretty please