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NFL Supplemental Draft set for Monday; Terrelle Pryor is eligible

Former Ohio State QB and auto enthusiast Terrelle Pryor has been ruled eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft. The Supplemental Draft was delayed while the league weighed Pryor's case for inclusion. The event that only the nikkiest of draftniks will care about is schedule to take place on Monday, August 22. 

In addition to Pryor, there are five other players eligible for the supplemental draft. Those players are:

Torez JonesDBWestern Carolina
Caleb KingRBGeorgia
Keenan MaceDELindenwood
Mike McAdooDENorth Carolina
Terrelle PryorQBOhio State
Tracy WilsonDBNorthern Illinois

Besides Pryor, Georgia RB Caleb King might be the most attractive, well-know prospect on the list. Ruled academically ineligible, King has some ability to make cuts and play physical. The things he lacks, including polish, will probably keep him from being drafted. 

North Carolina DE Mike McAdoo might be an interesting prospect for some NFL team. At 6'6" 270 lbs, the permanently ineligible UNC end played well as a pass rusher in rotation. A natural athlete, some feel like McAdoo is the best player available in the supplemental draft. With prospects George Selvie and Eugene Sims already on the roster, it seems unlikely that the St. Louis Rams would be interested. 

Remember, the rules of the NFL Supplemental Draft allow teams to use picks from their 2012 draft to select players in the supplemental. Teams submit a bid for the round they would pick a particular player. If no team places a higher bid on that player, or a team with a higher draft spot picks that player in the same round, a team is awarded the player.