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Recapping Laurent Robinson's 2010 season

Here at TST, we have been looking at your predictions from last years list of players. Now that we gotten the scrubs out of the way, let's talk about the future all-star Laurent Robinson. Let's be honest -- who didn't think Robinson would be good after flashes of his ability in 2009? That bothersome injury against the Packers in week 3 destroyed a promising season.

In fact, look at what Van had to say about him:

Based on what little experience he had with the Rams last season, Robinson enters the 2010 season as the de facto starter. There's good reason for him being cemented into his starting spot though. Robinson has great hands, explosive speed and the ability to pick up those all precious yards after the catch. 

Not to throw Van under the bus, but many of us thought he would have a big year last season. Also, we didn't have faith in our WR's in general, so why not pick the one that could have produced the most? Hell, ESPN even convinced me to draft him . In short, we fell in love with the flashes he showed, and not the big body of work.

Honestly, he probably wasn't 100% after his injury. He stayed relatively healthy last season, but he just couldn't produce. He had many dropped balls and it just looked like he lost a step. It's easy to see why the Rams let him go, and will be interesting to see if he ever puts it back together.

But anyway, let's get to your predictions

Category Actual Closest prediction
receptions 34 43                              VTramsFan
Rec Yards 344



Rec TDs 2




When I first looked at this chart, I was like damn I wonder about VTramsFan. He might not be able to see the future, but apparently he didn't have any expectations of Robinson.

This is a prime example of why you shouldn't expect much from a player coming off of injury. There are players who can pull it off, but it's always good to have your expectations in check.

Here is the article where the predictions were made.