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There is a good chance Steven Jackson will play Saturday

It's been awhile since we saw Steven Jackson in action, but he should be back against the Titans. After practice today, Action Jackson said the plan is to start against the Titans. Of course, the Rams staff are going to make sure that he is healthy enough to go, since he has missed a few practices and the first preseason game. However according to Jackson the Rams are overcautious about the hipbut he should still play.

Can you blame the Rams for being cautious about Steven Jackson? The new backup running backs are nice, but Jackson still is the best in the bunch. The season won't be lost without him, but it would do more bad than good if he is injured.

However, don't forget that he didn't go to many of the teams practices during the lockout. He could have the system down, but he still haven't done it against another uniform. With Jackson and the other two WR's Donnie Avery and Mike Sims-Walker maybe playing, the Rams can look how their real first team offense performs.

The Rams need Jackson to get comfortable with this offense. With that being said he probably won't play much this game. However anything is better than nothing.