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Turf Show Radio - Saturday, 6pm ET (w/ breaking news on Kroenke scandal)


  We're at it again.  Just two hours before the Rams and Titans kick off at the EJD, Van and I open up the lines for another episode of Turf Show Radio.  We'll talk about the win over the Colts and preview the Titans game, but obviously the main topic will be the scandal that surfaced yesterday.

  Due to the intrepid efforts of Charles Robinson at Yahoo! Sports, we found out that Stan Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams, has been paying some of the players on the team as far back as 1995.  The details of the investigation are mindblowingly mindblowing.  Bonuses for performances?  Organized team "activities"?  "Uncle" D'Marco Farr?  Kroenke willfully provided all of these.

  To help him provide these egregious benefits, he hired middle men, buffers to do his dirty work.  In December of 2008, Kroenke hired William Joseph Peter Francis "Billy" Devaney (Yes, he really does have that many middle names), calling him his "general manager."  Devaney would oversee all aspects of Kroenke's operation.  Sickening.

  So yes, we'll discuss this salacious scandal of staggering size and scope.  You know the deal: the phone number's (724) 444-7444, and the Call ID is 97249.