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TST Mailbag: Talking about Rams vs. Colts, Rams WR's, and more

On Saturday, the Rams destroyed the Colts 33-10. The Colts usually aren't good in the preseason, but it felt good to whoop some ass. It will be interesting to see how the Rams face the three teams next on their schedule. 

This is the first post TST Mailbag, and it feels good to finally have football officially back. Of course, we received a lot of great questions, but remember don't base too much on preseason games.  Now that that's been said, let's get to the questions. Remember if you want to participate in the mailbags, then you have to like the webpage right here

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Ozzie Avina What do u guys think with the addition of da caddilac and norwood

Tevin: I learned to love the cadillac addition. Norwood I don't know yet, I want to see how well he plays coming from his knee injury.

Casey Spoon what do you think about trading up in next years draft for Blackmon? I feel the Rams will be ready to compete for a championship, and similar to Atlantas situation when they drafted Julio i think we should break the bank for Blackmon.

Tevin: I like Blackmon, but let's at least wait till half the season is over in both sports. Blackmon could get hurt, or the Rams WR's could improve.

Pablo Contreras Do you think we will go get another cb or stick with king?

Tevin: The way the Rams cap look right now, I think they will most likely stand pat. We will see when they make their decision on Murphy, he could be the X factor.

Isaiah Smiff How much stock should we put into this game since alot of IND players didnt play or only played a few plays? Alotof fans are drinking the kool-aid but I think it needs more sugar to be just right

Tevin: I wouldn't drink the Kool-Aid if I was you. We should at least wait until week three, before there is any reason to assume anything. With that being said, the Rams backup and depth do look good.

Joe Bacardirazzi Lets hope Week 1 against Philly our starting LB's aren't Diggs, Hull and Kehl.

Tevin: They probably won't be, but does it matter who starts if they make plays?

Colten Ebmeier I want to know how the Rams are going to use Fendi Onobun, I think he has a lot of potential. What do you think?

Tevin: Honestly I probably talked about Fendi more than any writer has. He has to show something on the field during preseason. As for what I think about him, it will be easier for you to read these. and

Jimmie Brodersen Are there names of DBs the Rams may be interested in picking up? Or is word that they are interested in a DB in general?

Tevin: No one really good is out there. If there aren't any injuries we should be fine. But it does concern me, and I'm sure the Rams are worried.

Brandon Parks I really hope we resign Clayton if he's healthy

Tevin: If he is completely healthy and can play at a high level, then I agree with you.

Joe Bacardirazzi Which young depth player should we be most quietly optimistic about? Darian Stewart, Keith Toston, Josh Hull or Jabara Williams? I really like Williams, but I'm never unimpressed when I see Stewart make a play. C. Dahl better watch out.

Tevin: I'm impressed by all the players but Hull. George Selvie also interest me a lot.

Dennis DiegoSantiago Stockblom Tst, is gibson really the starter or did spaggs just rest avery and sims-Walker?

Tevin: He really is the starter right now and has been since camp. He could still be cut, but I have been hearing good things about him in camp.

Mike Tockgo Biggest concern is our secondary..are we sticking with the guys we have or improve through a trade possibly, Philly for Samuels??

Tevin: Woah, Samuels is too big of a fish. We don't have the cap for him.

Kevin Fles Whats the deal with Avery?? --Is his knee still pretty screwed up? 

How long before he sees action??

What are his odds of making the team, or will he just be put on IR or something??

I had high expectations for him this season. --Not so much anynore

Tevin: His knee/hamstring is hurt, he most likely won't play this week. He has to be on the outside looking in at this point. Also his contract runs out this year, why put him on IR when you can cut him?

Michael Towery What can you tell us about #41 ? That guy showed some real intensity and was everywhere :) 


Betsy 'Harris' Lancaster and Brent Lancaster what do you think the performance of Hines & Toston means for a spot on the roster for them? What about some of the other bubble players?

Tevin: They looked solid, I also liked Jabara Williams. With that being said, I doubt the Rams put much stock on the Colts game. They still have to look good and make the most of their chances.

Sergey Konyshev So now that we have a good o-line, the RB are doing well - who gets cut/PS? 
Also how many additions/upgrades you think the rams will make before the season starts? Or are we set, now just trying to find the starters to fill those holes we had?

Tevin: Honestly, I don't know who will get cut. I doubt the Rams keep more than 2 or 3 backup linemen, I'm also iffy on if the Rams will keep Keith. He has looked impressive, but with the new additions at RB, looks like an uphill climb.

I doubt the Rams upgrade anything else.