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Random Ramsdom, 8/16: Nothing but time

The St. Louis Rams will play their starters a little longer this week as they prepare for the regular season.
The St. Louis Rams will play their starters a little longer this week as they prepare for the regular season.

The St. Louis Rams get closer and closer to the start of the regular season. They have much left to do, and their next preseason tune up is this Saturday against the Titans. Another game will provide more answers for the Rams...and probably a few more questions. 

Now, let's get your day started off right with a quick stroll around the headlines. All the news that's fit to click through...

More playing time for Bradford and the starters - Sam Bradford and his fellow starters played a little more than expected last week, thanks to a couple of defensive turnovers that resulted in quick scoring drives. He'll play more this week, which could put him at most of the first half. Spagnuolo is clearly concerned about the lost practice time, both because of the lockout and the limits on it in the new CBA. It stands to reason that with more playing time this week, they'll open up more of the playbook, looking to get the offense, and especially the receivers, up to speed.

Ben Leber practices with the Rams - Leber practiced with his team for the first time yesterday. Oh, and don't forget that practice today starts at 1:15 p.m.

Mardy Gilyard might have a shot after all - Head coach Steve Spagnuolo spoke highly of Gilyard's performance against the Colts last week, even as Mardy was pretty hard on himself. Gilyard has been getting a surprising amount of reps so far this year. It's a sign that coaches like his potential and need to see him put things together. 

Brady Poppinga, thumper - The former Mormon missionary talks about why the Rams brought him in this year: a physical style of play. This year's free agent signings reflect a desire for the Rams to get a little tougher, meaner in spots like linebacker and the offensive line. Those kind of moves could pay off in the end.

Exhibitionist: Lance Kendricks is a dangerous Ram - The Rams' second-round pick is officially getting some fantasy love, after we told you he would be a valuable asset to your team. There are lots of fantasy experts out there; what makes them experts I don't know. Expert or not, Kendricks picks up another endorsement.

Mike Sims-Walker could miss time - How much time will MSW miss? That much isn't clear. Coaches said yesteday, Monday, that he will sit for this week's preseason game against the Titans, so they must have some idea that this is a fairly serious injury. I think this guy could be a real asset for the Rams, but he'll need to get back onto the field in a hurry.