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St. Louis Rams Monday night open thread & caption contest

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And so it goes. The St. Louis Rams have put their first of preseason football behind them. Really, it's probably the best thing to do after winning a walkthrough against the Colts. I myself just returned from a long relaxing weekend away from life's terrible and not-so-terrible responsibilities.

While my colon processes the meat I put into it over the last three days, I need something to do. Not overly interested in tonight's Monday night game against the Jets and the Texans, I prefer something with a little snark. Of course, you can feel free to comment and discuss tonight's game.

As you can, we're in full-on grind mode here at TST. I can't offer enough gratitude to our excellent front page team. It's a class act all around, and it was especially nice, as I was away most of the last 48 hours, to know that I could just check out TST for news and discussion on the Rams.

Ok, how about a little captioning fun?