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What to take away from the Rams first preseason game.

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Last Saturday, the Rams thrashed the Colts 33-10. You could just call that game a domination.  The Rams looked good in all phrases of the game. In fact, the Rams looked like you would expect them to. Not to say that you would expect them to blow out good teams on a regular basis. Rather, let's just say if you expected the Rams defense to play good because of all the additions, you got it on Saturday.

But, let's not get too excited. Remember that playing the Colts in the preseason is like playing against air. It's not just the fact that the Colts didn't have Peyton Manning, it's the fact that they usually aren't good in the preseason. In no way am I discounting what the Rams did, but with all their upgrades it had to be expected. 

This is just the first game of the preseason. All the wrinkles are still being ironed out for every team. If you wanted to take something away from this preseason game then look after the jump. 


The Rams front four look nice

It seemed like every time the Colts went back to pass the defensive line was back there. The Rams didn't get any sacks, but the defense gave constant pressure to the Colts quarterbacks. They also did great against the run. Big Fred Robbins and Justin Bannan could be a great wall.

The defensive ends did pretty good, but it would have been nice of them to get a couple sacks. However they still did a good job. They also brought pressure on run plays. Chris Long still looks like a goodplayer. George Selvie looked okay out there, let's just say if he had to start I wouldn't be sad. Robert Quinn flashed a little bit of his ability, but it's obvious that the Rams don't want to throw him out there yet. Quinn is still thinking a lot out there, but that will come in time. The defensive line will look even better with James Hall in the game.

The linebackers look better.

Yes even without James LaurinaitisJosh Hull didn't standout much, but he is coming off of an injury, he should be a good backup to James. The outside linebackers looked really improved compared to last years. They didn't look lost and they actually got involved. Honestly, they all looked pretty solid. However one player that kept catching my eye was Na'll Diggs. He just kept impressing me, he was at blitzing, and was around the ball. He was just real aggressive out there and if last week is any indication, he should start.

Lance Kendricks will be a big threat this season

It's not just the Colts game, but he has been impressing since the Rams started camp. The Rams found the stable to their new offense in Kendricks. He just looks impressive. Kendricks fights for the first down and finds a way to get open. He dropped a couple of balls, but that can be worked on. He's also a good blocker; the Rams really got a good player when they drafted him.

The biggest question will be can the Rams open stuff up on the outside? Doing that will allow the Rams to throw more on the inside and keep some of the attention off of him. Kendrick's can create mismatches, but being a rookie you don't want to put everything on him.

The wide receiver position is still wide open.

The Rams might be content with their wide receiver position, but they didn't look that impressive out there. No one really stood out, besides Mardy Gilyard and Danario Alexander and they were playing against 3rd and 4th stringers. The Rams mostly planned to attack the Colts major weaknesses, but with that being said it still wasn't impressive.

The Rams have a few players at WR that are injured, so it's hard to judge them as a whole. Donnie Avery and Greg Salas didn't play because of injuries. Then during the game Mike Sims-Walker got injured which resulted in Austin Pettis getting in. Austin Pettis got opened a couple of times, but dropped a couple of catches. Brandon Gibson made a good play after the catch, but other than that, you wouldn't have noticed him in the game.

The Rams offensive line will be better than last year.

The Rams offensive line was impressive against the Colts. When Sam Bradford (or any quarterback for the Rams for that matter) went back to throw, they had a great pocket to work with. Adding Harvey Dahl really helped. The run blocking was excellent. The running backs usually got to the second level, before they were even touched. The Rams have a lot of good backups on the line, just in case someone goes down with an injury.

Next week should be a good test to see where the Rams offensive line really is. The Titans don't have the best defensive line, but it's more impressive than the Colts. If the Rams O-line can perform just as good against them, that will speak volumes.