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St. Louis Rams front office approval rating

Lockout, what lockout? The St. Louis Rams kept themselves busy following the end of the 2010 NFL season. In January, they replaced outbound offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur with child prodigy Josh McDaniels, out of his ilk as a head coach in Denver. Prior to the league shutting the doors on everything, they parted released long-time fan favorite Oshiomogho Atogwe, who found work quickly in Washington.

Then there was the 2011 NFL Draft. Out of the hunt for one of two bona fide potential No. 1 receivers with the 14th pick in the first round, the Rams grabbed DE Robert Quinn, the best pass rushing defensive end available. It was a surprise pick, as most foresaw him off the board long before the Rams handed in their card. Picking TE Lance Kendricks elicited more than a few groans from people who thought it was a stretch. That pick was followed by two more offensive players, both receivers.

Quiet for months after, the Rams made good use of an free agent frenzy. They moved fast to secure S Quintin MIkell before others could come calling. Guard Harvey Dahl might have been the prize catch, and a surprise move. GM Billy Devaney signed ten more free agents, most to one-year deals giving them the chance to prove themselves while beefing up the Rams' roster.

And now we're one game into the preseason. Let' grade the Rams front office for their 2011 performance so far.