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The Quick Five: Preseason Week 1

The leg is back!
The leg is back!

Well, if we found out anything from yesterday's game, it's that the Rams have some bright spots in some real good places. Hopefully the offense can learn under Josh McDaniels, because they were a little rusty. But that is to be expected. Anyway, let's get on with it! The quick five is back!



Lance Kendricks, TE

Besides one or two mistakes, Kendricks had a great game. He's already building a good relationship with Sam Bradford and looked to be the go to target for him as well as Feeley. I'm sure the Rams are expecting big things from him and for the most part, he didn't disappoint. 



First I had Jacob Bell up there. Then Harvey Dahl. Then Rodger Saffold. The point is that the Rams offensive line dominated yesterday. They opened up holes for all the RB's on the roster and kept the QB's upright throughout the entirety of the game. This unit already looks to be the most improved.


Cadillac Williams, RB

While all the RB's did a great job (including the Toastinator, who really, really needs to make an impression to stay on the team) I liked Williams the best. I think he is most likely to be Steven Jackson's "backup" and he did a great job running behind a great O-Line.



Darian Stewart, S

He played well on special teams and on defense. Considering that the safeties has some injury problems last year, it is good to know he is there to step in. Craig Dahl also had some nice hits, along with an INT. Mikell had one as well. Atogwe? Who's that?


Mardy Gilyard, WR

Oh Mardy. Once again,  you gave us a few flashes of brilliance mixed with a bag of 'meh'. He really need to make a strong impression to stick and while he was alright, well you get the point. Alright doesn't cut it.



Also, a shout to Josh Brown, who crushed a 60 yard field goal that was good for at least 65 yards. I'd love to see them try and make some longer field goals this year if he can make this range consistently.