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St. Louis Rams top the Indianapolis Colts: Pictures to prove it

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What a great start to the 2011 NFL season, preseason anyway. The St. Louis Rams play-actioned and intercepted their way to an easy win over the Colts last night. Sure, the Colts are a team that mostly views preseason games as a glorified practice session, but it was fun and encouraging to see the Rams play well in their first action of the new season. 

We've got plenty more on tap, and I'm anxious to go back and start watching the game tape to get a better feel for individual performances. Plenty left to chew on before we get into the prep for next week's game. 

I know a ton of you were at the game last night, so be sure and leave us your impressions. The Dome didn't look particularly crowded. How was the mix in the house though? 

Plenty of good photos from the game last night, a veritable feast for your eyes. Just click on the picture above to see the entire gallery. Draftniks will be especially pleased with the image of Robert Quinn beating Anthony Castonzo