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Random Ramsdom, 8/13: Game day

The St. Louis Rams prep for their preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts. What should fans be watching for tonight?
The St. Louis Rams prep for their preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts. What should fans be watching for tonight?

Game day. It's been far too long since I could say that. The St. Louis Rams finally retake the field tonight, for the first time since a humbling defeat at the hands of the hated Seattle Seahawks last January. We've got a smattering of coverage for you today, so let's jump right into our morning stroll around the internets. 

Oh, if you were hoping to see the battle of quarterbacks - the great Peyton Manning versus the upstart Sam Bradford - you're out of luck. Manning probably won't play until the regular season. He's dealing with a neck injury. 

Sam Bradford to play 12-15 snaps tonight
Sam Bradford and the starters will get some action tonight, in the range of 12-15 plays. According to the Rams, that would ideally mean one lengthy series. Since it's the preseason, it might mean two. Steven Jackson will play even less, as is the norm, and that will give us a chance to get a look at Cadillac Williams and Jerious Norwood.

More theatre than usual for the preseason?

Bernie MIklasz at the PD explores why this figures to be a slightly more interesting preseason than usual for the St. Louis Rams. Lots of position battles, a new offense and tons of question marks to answer...could make those full price preseason tickets almost tolerable.

Injury alert at CB, TE for the Rams

It's slim pickin's at wide receiver and tight end for the Rams tonight. Besides several veteran corners sitting out as a precaution, a couple of young players needing the reps will sit out tonight's game too. The Rams are reported to be exploring their options outside the roster for help at corner, though I suspect that may not happen until roster cuts start coming. The tight end situation is even worse, especially considering the emphasis on the tight end in McDaniels' offense.

A first look at a new offense

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is glad to finally being going against somebody other than his own teammates. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo offered a positive take on early impressions of Bradford and his command of the new offense.

RamsCamp: Notes from a rain-shortened Friday

Will from Rams Herd recaps yesterday's watery practice. Interesting to note, the linebacker rotation without James Laurinaitis and the new free agents still working with the second team. It was good to meet Will and Brandon, aka Brick Top, at yesterday's practice, by far the highlight...apologies to the no-contact football practice taking place on the field.

Sam Bradford, Rams look to take next step in development

Jim Trotter from Sports Illustrated was at the Rams training camp this week, and offered his take on the product on the field. In short, he's impressed, and sees big things ahead for Sam Bradford and this team. We tend to agree.