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Preseason week 1, day two open thread

I'm really excited to have a legit game thread for the St. Louis Rams tomorrow night. Really excited. It's been way too long since we last saw this team in action.

I didn't watch much of the action last night. Why? A four-line dialog between my wife and I:

[Van turns on the TV]

Wife: "Is this preseason?"

Van: "Yes."

Wife: "Do the Rams play tonight?"

Van: "No."


So between hands of canasta or whatever it is people do when they aren't watching football, I snuck a few glances. Mostly, I heard lots of "told you so" about Tavaris Jackson's Seattle debut. It filled me with great pleasure. But this is just the preseason...

I didn't see any of the Cardinals game, but Kolb's performance sounds like it was mostly "meh." He'll be hard pressed with that offensive line in front of him, and the defense might be among the easiest to run against this year. The 49ers play tonight.

Have at it.