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TST Mailbag part 2

Just when you thought it was over, TST Mailbag is back. Last time I asked for questions, we got around 20 questions. Honestly, would you guys want to read 21 questions?I'm sure we all love 50 Cent, but I think splitting them in half, and answering everyone questions is better. 

Here is the first mailbag from earlier this week. Now let's get to the good stuff.

I have to throw Big Krit back on the mailbag. I also threw in a good singer Travis Garland. Like I said these are from free releases, and they aren't negative. Sticking it to the man once more.



Chad Egelhoff When "Teach Me How to Dougie" comes on at Seahawks training camp practices, does Pete Carroll actually do the Dougie?

Tevin: I'm not going to lie, I hate the Seahawks, but I loved Pete when he was in USC. With that being said, look at these two videos and tell me if you think he does the Dougie.



Chad Egelhoff But jokes aside, do we go after an additional cb in FA, or do we hold onto Murphy and hope he's ready by week 6?

Tevin: That's a good question. There aren't many good corners out there. Most of them might not be an upgrade over what we have. I think we have good depth at corner. But I think there is an 80% chance Murphy is done for the year. But the Rams never said how bad the injury was, and he had surgery for it yesterday. We should know more on his status soon.

Joel Gonzalez Are the Rams willing to trade for a DT? maybe bring back the Fearsome Foursome.

Tevin: No sir, the Rams wouldn't trade for a DT. The Rams should be alright now that they have depth on the defense line. However it's a good chance that they draft one next season, or get an average player in free agency again.

Carlos BigDaddy Burrell Can you see the Rams going after a Taylor Mays?

Tevin: The Rams have a lot of players to play safety this season. I don't see a good reason to bring him in.

Carlos BigDaddy Burrell Who do you think will lead the team in touchdown catches this year?

I have to go with Mike Sims-Walker. He has 14 touchdowns the last two seasons. 

Carlos BigDaddy Burrell Will Lance Kendricks be a good pick up for my fantasy team this year? Sleeper?

Sam Bradford said he will create a lot of mismatches, and all the talking media heads are saying get him. He probably will get somewhere around 500 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Carlos BigDaddy Burrell What kind of stats do you think Cadilac W will put up?

Tevin:  400 rushing yards and 150 receiving yards.

Dennis DiegoSantiago Stockblom Questions from Sweden:

1) What safetys will(probably) start? Mikell and Dahl?
Dahl flashed some potential last year, but doesnt really feel like a all down safty, he'd be the weak link.

Tevin:  It will either be Craig Dahl or Darian Stewart. I would give Dahl the starting job right now.

2) How much is Donnie Avery playng? With his size and speed he looks a lot like Eddie Royal.

Tevin:  Honestly I think Avery is on the bubble and will need to look good in the preseason.

3) Fendi Onobun seam to take a spot on the roster if the main formation is two TE.
How is the rotation on the TE and is the rams aiming at any FA TE to fill the role?
epseically since Uh-Oh is a bit injury prone...

Tevin: I think the Rams are sold on Billy Bajema. There aren't any TE's out there worth getting and he has been looking good.

I think Fendi will have to show something to the coaches during the preseason.

Michael Towery With the draft and FA i think our Defense could be top 10 this year. What are your thoughts?

I think we will be up there. We will be better than last season. I'm happy we can finally say that we have a good defense.