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Bullet Dodged - Laurinaitis Injury Not Serious

We've all been on the edge of our seats regarding Animal Jr. and his pectoral injury, however Spagnuolo gave official word today at his presser that it is just a strain and nothing serious.

The injury is labeled as day to day, and although there was no mention of the x-ray results, apparently they came out negative.. only speculating. Also, it's interesting to note that an x-ray would only show bone related injuries, not soft tissue (thanks coachconnors.. good point!).

At any rate, with it being day to day, I would bet the farm that he will NOT be rushed back into action. He's also listed as questionable in Saturday's preseason game against the Colts and there is about the same chance of him playing as a one legged stripper doing a table hop. Not a chance.

Hopefully JL will just get rested up for the first two preseason games, then see limited action in the final two... perhaps maybe just the fourth just to be safe. Injuries like this can flare back up if not healed fully.

Have a beer, kiss your dog, or whatever it is you do in moments like this. In my case. I'll kiss my dog whose name happens to be Bradford.

UPDATE & FURTHER NOTE: Just wanted to add that there are three grades to this type of injury:

Grade 1: recovery in a matter of days

Grade 2: recovery in 2-6 weeks

Grade 3: surgery, and recovery takes months

No grade was given however, seeing how Spags said "day to day" and "not serious" I think we can fully agree it's most likely a grade 1.

More on pectoral strains (which are technically, tears):

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