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James Laurinaitis injury update

The St. Louis Rams got a scare yesterday when middle linebacker and defensive cornerstone James Laurinaitis left the field with a "nagging" pectoral injury. There was no word yesterday as to the extent of the injury, and he was going to get an x-ray today. While there still is no official word from the Rams, Laurinaitis himself signaled that things might be okay.

In a tweet about an hour ago, Laurinaitis thanked fans and said that his chest would be alright. Here's the tweet:

Chest will be fine I appreciate the tweets! Don't anybody worry! Thanks for the prayers!

How "fine" is "fine?" I suspect we'll find out, officially, soon enough. The Rams start practice in less than an hour, and all eyes will be on the middle linebacker. I suspect we'll get some official pronouncement soon, probably after practice at the latest, so stay tuned. 

Even if JL comes back, the fact that this injury has been consistently described as "nagging" means it's something to keep an eye on all year.