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Turf Show Radio - 3k goes solo, Sat. at 6pm ET


  Van's going to be in the St. Louis area for the game, which means...another 3k solo episode of Turf Show Radio!  This Saturday at 6pm ET, I'll take your questions, opinions and cash donations for an hour or so ahead of the Rams' preseason opener against the Colts at 8pm ET.

  You might remember back in late March, I had Turf Show Radio to myself.  Listen to the first 30 seconds of that show, and you'll get a sense of what TSR without Van is like.  Well, it's going down again.  I'm trying to line up a last-second guest for the show; we'll see how that goes.

  In any case, the key is always callers.  Having you guys control the conversation is more important than anything.  This isn't ESPN Radio, where I go on diatribes about Rex Ryan's tattoo for 20 minutes and what it means in the context of the AFC East.  Nope.  I may go off track for a minute, but having you guys call in will help keep me in line.

  Wanna talk about an upcoming Rams opponent?  Let's.  2012 NFL Draft?  Sure.  Potential medical treatments for Laurinaitis' pectoral injury?  I'm game; try horse placenta.

  So hit me up.  It's the same old info: the phone number's (724) 444-7444, and the Call ID is 97249.

*NOTE: Arsenal's season starts on Saturday, so I might be a little less emotionally stable than usual.  It's a vicious cycle, folks.*