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Notes from Tuesday's Practice

First off let me say that in this practice my vision of the field was very limited.  A lot of time was spent on 11 on 11s or the offense running the play with no defense.   I was behind the west end zone and the offense was running east.  When the offense was running the plays, the players would stand behind the line of scrimmage and this mass of humanity really limited my view of the plays to the point to when for the last 40ish minutes I really couldn't see a damn thing.  I still managed to see some noteworthy things that you can read if you click on the jump button.

First off we practice play action pass a lot.  We had about it seemed like 25 strait snaps of practice PA passes without the defense and then we practice a lot of PA in the 11 on 11s as well.  This is the nature of the two TE offense.  A lot of PA passes, especially on 1st and 2nd down.

The main person who caught my eye in this PA happy practice was Lance Kendricks.  He was put in motion a lot of these plays, lining up wide and coming back in and vise versa.  He's speed and size was really useful to Sam.  He has very good hands as well and his route look clean and crisp for such a young TE.  I'm starting to have very high expectations for him.

Another guy who stood out to me was Fendi Onobun.  He had a TD and a seems route in which he showed great concentration and caught the ball with his guy all over him.    His size and speed combo is starting to look scary to me and that's why the Rams drafted him.  I starting to think that we will keep 4 maybe even 5 TEs, as our need for them this year is great and Fendi is certainly looking like a guy who can get a spot.  It would be nice if he could play some STs as well.  He is still very raw and has a long way to go, but he looks much better to me this year than last year.

From what I saw the ones at WR were. Gibson and Amendola when there was two wideouts, but when there was 3 Mike Sims-Walker took the outside spot and Danny went to the slot.  Right now I think this is our top 3 WRs, but there is still a long way to go.  Guys like Salas or Petits could step up and the Rams are still interested in bringing back Mark Clayton when he is fully healthy.

Speaking of MSW, he and Sam stayed behind after practice to run some extra routes together.  They were talking for a little bit before, presumably about how MSW likes to run his routes and how Sam likes them run.  MSW seems to be a guy who wants to be the #1 guy on the team and he's putting in the extra work to do so.  This contradicts reports I've heard about him that he was lazy.  It will be interesting to see how the WR battle plays out.

Furthermore form what I saw Brit Miller was working with the ones on offense at FB.  He wasn't there a lot of the time, but when we had a true FB, he was the guy in.  He is also a very good ST LB.  For people who've been saying we might not carry a FB, Miller might make the cut, because he can play LB on ST as well.  Just a thought.

Thanks for reading.