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Random Ramsdom 8/10: Pray for Animal Jr's Pec

As most of you know, James Laurinaitis injured himself yesterday.  It's being called an aggravated pectoral injury and he will have x-rays today.  I'm not a doctor and don't play one on TV but I'm thinking this might not be too serious (knock on wood.)  For more on Laurinaitis here's VanRam.  

Let's get to the links.

Rams ranked 15 in ESPN's NFL Power Rankings

I actually think this is a very respectable ranking for the Rams.  We are the highest rated NFC West team, with the Seahawks at 10, the Cardinals at 21 and the 49ers at 26.  Also when looking at the teams ranked ahead of the Rams, there's not one who I would rank lower than the Rams at this point.  Now these rankings don't mean anything, but it's nice to see us get some resect for the media, but I'm wondering if the Rams are the highest ranked team on the power rankings, then why doesn't anyone at ESPN pick the Rams to win the division?

Coaching links won Ben Leber over

Mike Sando is saying that the reason the Rams had the edge over Seattle in signing Leber was out coaches who have worked with the Vikings.

The St. Louis Rams had an "in" with veteran linebacker Ben Leber, who reached agreement with the team Tuesday. Their linebackers coach, Paul Ferraro, was with the Vikings from 2006-08. Their defensive line coach, Brendan Daly, was also with Minnesota during those years.

NFL will have game day drug testing

I find this very interesting.  They are saying they are going to do it in a way that respects the game day process, but in my opinion there's no way to do that.  Here instead of talking to you coach, we're going to have you pee in this cup or here let's take a blood test which may leave you a bit weaker for the game.  I'm all for testing and testing very hard, but why does it have to be on game day?  Why can't it be the night before?  I'm very thrilled that they are having HGH testing, but I don't support the game day testing.

No one is separating themselves in the receiver competition

Jim Thomas from is reporting that after two weeks no one has separated themselves.  He quoted Spags as saying that Danny Amendola has added a spark to the competition.  Also Spags continued to say with all the guys hurt it hard to judge the WRs just yet.  Jim Thomas than ranks the WRs in the order of Danny Amendola, Mike Sims-Walker, Brandon Gibson, Austin Petitis, Gregg Salas, Donnie Avery, Danario Alexander, Mardy Gilyard, and then the rest of the WRs at them bottom.  So if we keep 6 WRs, as Thomas is thinking is likely we will cut DX and Mardy according to his rankings RIGHT NOW.  There is still a long way to go.  Thomas also said we could still have another name in the mix, Mark Clayton.  He was at Rams Park yesterday, but Spags said he still is there just yet with the knee, but the Rams are still very interested in bring Mark back. 

That's all for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!