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TST Mailbag: Talking Mark Clayton, Rams defense, and more.

Yes, it's time again for another edition of mailbag. You thought it was over? Well it's just begun. That last sentence sounded better in my head I promise. For those who don't know, this is a new thing we are trying out, and it can't be done without you. If you haven't done so yet, than go to When you see us ask if anyone has any questions that's your cue.

We are doing this to get more interaction with you guys. Also, it helps us come up with ideas, on what you guys want to read. Unless you want videos of me with my shirt off singing a song that is. But really thank you guys for reading the site.

I will be doing another TST mailbag, since we had so many questions  tomorrow or Thursday. 

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Of course, I got to throw some of my flavor on this post. Here's a  song from a good rapper I like. It's a mixtape song, so we shouldn't get in trouble, beating the man is fun. 

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Steven Looney How confident are the rams this season?? Sam Bradford wants to win a SuperBowl.

Tevin: The Rams are actually getting free agents. You have to think that they think, the time is now to win.

Alan Clayton Is the team still open to Clayton if healthy? 

Tevin: I hope they are. I don't trust Avery and Alexander right now. I heard that the Rams are still talking to him.

Matt Hynes With all the talented wide recievers added to the Division are they worried the secondary can cover them well enough to take the division.

Tevin: I don't think that will be a big problem. Now the Rams holding their TE's and slot WRs, could be a different story.

Josh Englehart How good of chance do the rams have to win the NFC west with the brutal schedule they play? 

Tevin: The Rams should be fine. They don't play anyone in the NFC West until the 2nd half of the season.This should help the Rams get used to their offense scheme and maybe they can steal some games from teams the front half. Now if a team in the NFC West starts off hot, the Rams might have to chase them, if they want to win the championship. But everyone in the division plays 14 of the same teams.

Luke Benten Who has the best shot at becoming the #1 starting tight end in week one?

Tevin: Lance Kendricks, he should win easily, it's not really a competition for the 1st spot, now 2nd might be a different deal.

Cesar Avalos Is our defense strong enough to take the west?

Tevin: I think so, but it depends on how the free agents gel with the starters. I do think it will be up to Bradford, for the most part.

Jason Miller If the schedule is as brutal as it's supposed to be and we get off to a poor start, do the Niners have enough pieces to take the division despite Alex Smith?  

Tevin: Maybe, their offense does look impressive with the pieces added. Their defense is up in the air though, have to see how good that is.

Jason Miller Or...Is there any real reason to fear Kevin Kolb? Because I don't.

Tevin: I have been a Kolb supporter, I don't think he will be great, but I think he will be good. Having Larry won't hurt either.

Joe Bacardirazzi Who is a more likely week 1 starter, Zac Diles at WIL or Brady Poppinga at SAM? Does Vobora figure to stay in long term plans?

Tevin: Ask me this after a couple of preseason games

Joe Bacardirazzi Does Mike J Sando have a man-crush on Jon Harbaugh?

Tevin: I don't know why, we all know that Pete Caroll is the coolest coach in the NFL. Me and him are about to surf right now.