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St. Louis Rams training camp, day 3: Open thread

The St. Louis Rams start their third day of training camp practices today. Today, they'll be wearing pads and hitting, putting us one step closer to real football. We have a fair number of fans on the scene today, and will be getting live updates. 

I've created a twitter list of folks and media on the scene. If you're attended camp, be sure to let me know via Twitter so that I can add you to the list. Below, I've embedded the Twitter widget so you can follow along and leave comments. 

The running back situation should develop today. Ahmad Bradshaw signed with the Giants, negating Jason Snelling's trip, and depriving him on one less suitor. We'll be riding herd on that situation throughout the day.

Don't forget, if you do go to camp, be sure and post a fanpost with your photos, videos and reactions, so that we can get it on the front page. 

The Rams have plenty of open practices this month, here's their training camp schedule