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NFL trade rumors: No Spagnuolo, Osi Umenyiora reunion on the radar

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In another edition of NFL trade rumors that will go absolutely nowhere, talk that the Giants put Osi Umenyiora on the trade block launched a whole new flurry of rumors. Naturally, the Steve Spagnuolo connection has prompted some to wonder about the St. Louis Rams ought to give chase. Don't get your hopes up.

Sure, the idea of adding another fearsome, speedy pass rusher to the already impressive Rams defensive line has a certain "Dream Team" appeal to it. Er, poor choice of words given the talk out of Philly this weekend, but you get the idea. A group comprised of Osi, Chris Long, James Hall and Robert Quinn would chew up and spit out quarterbacks like the paperweights throughout the rest of the NFC West.

The idea of adding Osi even got an endorsement from on high, none other than the unverified Twitter account of Orlando Pace, former Rams LT and now St. Louis media maven.

However, the Giants want a first-round pick for Osi. However, there are already some indications that they might settle for a second-round pick.

The price in and of itself makes sense; he has 31.5 sacks over his last three seasons, 11.5 last year. In addition to the trade bounty, Osi wants a big contract. The whole basis for him wanting out of New York is to be paid like one of the top defensive linemen in the league, something he argues the Giants promised him...remember that whole affidavit incident during the lockout?

After drafting Robert Quinn, it's almost impossible that the Rams would trade for Umenyiora. They also have to start thinking about a long-term deal for Chris Long, who becomes a free agent after 2012. 

Seattle is one team said to be interested, as are the Patriots.