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Random Ramsdom, 7/9: Worth your time

The St. Louis Rams start training camp in less than two weeks.
The St. Louis Rams start training camp in less than two weeks.

The St. Louis Rams are scheduled to open training camp two weeks from yesterday. If my math is correct [calculating sounds] that should be...[carry the one]...less than two weeks. Typically, GM Billy Devaney and COO Kevin Demoff would be working on rookie contracts and getting everything else ready to go for the start of training camp, but not during the lockout. 

Speaking of lockout, the 8th Circuit's decision yesterday allowing it to stand, apparently didn't knock players and owners off the tracks of settlement talks...they did that themselves. 

NFL labor talks light on progress this week; will resume Monday
NFL owners and players made little progress over the last two days of settlement talks. Lawyers, etc. will work through the weekend, but representatives will not meet again until Monday. It should be noted that while yesterday's talks didn't produce much, overall the talks have moved things along quite far from where they were in March. A deal will get done...eventually.

Lockout creates unaccustomed confusion for Manning

Peyton Manning can't rehab his neck or work out at team facilities because of the lockout. That's a bigger deal than you might think for both players and teams because they can't get much assurance about a player's recovery from the physicians they rely upon and players can't get rehab and a training from the doctors and trainers they're used to relying on for that.

Hall of Fame Game might be worth your time

The Hall of Fame Game gets lumped in there with the other preseason football games, but this year's game has more than a few subplots to watch. One of those subplots will be the first football the Rams' first-round pick, DE Robet Quinn, has played since 2009, assuming he plays. Oh, and assuming there's actually a game on August 7. 

Alfonzo Dennard 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes
Don't rule out the possibility of drafting a cornerback next year. With Ron Bartell's contract up in 2013 and question marks remaining about Jerome Murphy, the Rams will need to be prepared. Remember, that for all the attention the front four gets in Spagnuolo's 4-3 defense, it also puts a heavy emphasis on good, physical coverage, a two part deal.

Rams team goes 2-3 in opening day of 7-on-7

The St. Louis Rams squad got off to a good start at the NFL High School Player Development 7-on-7 National tournament. High school football? It's about as close as you'll get to football right now...period.