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3k's Felicitous Friday Film, episode II / Turf Show Radio

  Last things first.  A week from tomorrow, Turf Show Radio returns.  It's a special episode because of the lockout.  Should the Iron Football Curtain come crashing down, it will technically be the first episode of season 3.  If, on the other hand, the forces of evil continue to dominate the American zeitgeist, well, it's just a boring old episode 28 of season 2.  Either way, Van and I are sure to talk about football, alcohol and other stupid stuff that thirtysomething guys talk about in modern America.

  As an aside, since it's Friday night and the mood is right  (old school, suckas), I'll fulfill a promise...technically.  A little more than four months ago, I dropped a YouTube video of a young wrestling beast on the front page, saying:

Another offseason, another series.  This year, I'm just going to throw a video out there every Friday that has nothing to do with football.

  Did I say every Friday?  Apparently, I meant every Friday...every four months.  Hey, with that honesty, I'm on the fast track to a career in federal politics or demagoguery.  Wait, what's the difference?  Anyway, here's a video that made me proud to be a sports fan (h/t Deadspin):

  I won't go into a soapbox-leveraged jeremiad scolding Americans who don't understand soccer fandom.  I won't hint at the universality of sports culture, and the ability of competition-fueled passion to lift mankind beyond race, beyond religion, beyond borders.  I'll just leave you with an old man, screaming at his television for a bunch of athletes.  By the way, la puta que te pario translates, roughly, to motherfucker.  Attaboy.

  Have a great weekend, y'all.  Holler.