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Mel Kiper offers (contractual) summer assessment of Rams draft

You really didn't think that just because it's July Mel Kiper Jr. would fade into irrelevance did you? Fool. The no offseason can contain Kiper, so long as there is an air conditioned building to keep The Hair from frying under the summer sun. From an undisclosed location, Kiper offered his summer assessment of the St. Louis Rams, which is fairly similar to his post-draft assessment, since there has been ZERO football activity since the draft. 

Here's the Hair's take:

"I think the Rams did the best they could in adding pass-catching help in the draft. When Julio Jones and A.J. Green were both off the board, and when they had a chance to take a high-impact talent like Quinn, it was a no-brainer to get the stud. That said, free agency has to involve at least one solid wideout. They need to afford Bradford every opportunity to succeed.

Elsewhere, I'd like to see the Rams target a guard and some outside linebacker help. They just didn't have the picks to get it all in the draft, but they should be able to augment a roster that really has a lot of solid pieces."

What else is there to say about the draft? It's all about what happens in free agency at this point. 

For my money, the need at guard isn't as pressing as the need at backup/complementary running back for the Rams offense. There isn't much else they can do at wide receiver, assuming they return free agent Mark Clayton, that would dramatically change the situation there short of making a splash move like signing Sidney Rice or swinging a trade for Vincent Jackson. Neither one of those moves are going to happen. 

On defense, Kiper doesn't even mention the needs at defensive tackle and safety, which are probably more pressing than an OLB fix, which can be done relatively easy.