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Random Ramsdom, 7/8: Lockout is still legal


First off I want to apologize for getting this post up late.  Not to make excuses but we had a power surge and my alarm clock reset, so I didn't wake up on time.  For the NFL today, it could be the day that they possibly agree inn principle or when they go backwards.  It's a very delicate time.

On to the links

8th Circuit rules lockout still legal

As expected the 8th circuit ruled that the lockout is still legal.  The court said the Judge Nelson ignored federal law when she made her ruling.  I find it interesting that they ruled on it now, when both sides are in negotiations.   Hopefully this won't even matter and a deal will be negotiated anyways.

R.I.P. John Mackey

The first president of the NFLPA, and one of the all time NFL greats John Mackey has passed away.  I alway love seeing the highlights of him catching a pass and then trucking somebody.  He was such a revolutionary player.  More than that he was great leader for the players.  He will be missed.

Some issues still remain in talks

Jason La Canfora of is reporting that some key core issues still remain.  One of them is the rookie salary scale.  They agree there should be one, but haven't agreed on how it should look.  They are still far apart on that issue.  Another is that the owners still want the right of first refusals.  The players will not take that, and if the owners keep pushing for it, the entire negotiations could blow up.  They also haven't decided how to end the lawsuit, which might not need to be done right away to get a deal done, but it does need to be resolved.

Kerry Collins is retiring

No QB has more of an up and down career than Collins.  He led the Giants to the Super Bowl only to throw 5 picks in the game.  The ultimate journeyman, he found himself at Tennessee when he led the team to a 13-3 record on year and helped try to mentor Vince Young.  I wonder now if the Titans will just give the reins to Locker, or if they will get a vet in to compete with him and mentor him.  I thinking Marc Bulger could be a good choice.

Have a good one and GO RAMS!!