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Alabama Rams fan wins the chance to be ground into dust by Steven Jackson

The St. Louis Rams Pro Bowl NFL running back and social media guru Steven Jackson recently had a contest titled "Workout like me, workout with me." Fans submitted videos of themselves working out like Steven Jackson for the chance to workout with Steven you might have gleaned from the title of the contest. 

The winner: Jonathan Keenum from Alabama. The Rastafarian gets to have Steven Jackson kick his ass with grueling workouts over some upcoming weekend, which actually sounds pretty cool in a way only masochistic Rams fans could appreciate. 

Jackson saw a little bit of himself in Keenum's video, with a little help from a Spiderman costume. The homage to lo-fi porno could have only helped Keenum's chances, and if he decides against Aerospace Engineering, he might have a future working with Terry long as he survives his weekend workout with Steven Jackson. 

Congrats to Keenum on the win. If he's a TST reader (how could he not be?) hopefully he'll weigh-in on his recent win. He and our own T-Ram, another SJ39 social media winner, can exchange stories. 

Here's the video.