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Kolb, schmolb; Bradford still the best in the West

Quarterbacks from the other three teams in the NFC West might not be a complete joke once the lockout ends. It's widely believed now that Philadelphia will trade Kevin Kolb to either the Arizona Cardinals or the Seattle Seahawks for a princely sum of draft picks and or players. Kolb, schmolb. The St. Louis Rams with Sam Bradford will still have the best QB in the division, according to Matt Williamson at ESPN/Scouts, Inc. 

In a chat with fans this week, Williamson was asked if Kolb came to the NFC West would the former Eagle be the better QB than Bradford. He answered simply: no. 

As for the specifics on Kolb, Williamson described him thusly:

Doesn't handle pressure great. Average decision maker. Average physical ability. Overvalued right now because the need for QBs.

Landing in Arizona could be a real disaster, given the state of their offensive line. Barring a free agency miracle, they're unlikely to get it fixed this season. 

Seattle's a more interesting case, with a potentially very good OL. However, they did trade away a third-round pick for Charlie Whitehurst last year (and a swap of second rounders). Seattle also tried to re-sign Matt Hasselbeck before the lockout started. Would they really be looking to trade a first rounder and then some with several solid QB prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft, including Matt Barkley from USC? 

Kolb or not, the Rams should win this division.