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Rams players training with Larry Fitzgerald

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald has the lockout camp that should be the envy of all players. Hailing from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Fitzgerald operates the camp out of his home town. This year, two members of the St. Louis Rams, WR Laurent Robinson and S Craig Dahl, are working out at Fitzgerald's camp. 

How much work they get in depends. QB Tavaris Jackson is there, and if he is the only guy throwing the ball to receivers...but practice is practice, right? 

Practice is just part of the deal. On hand are massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and who knows what else. If the camp were in another location, somewhere besides Minnesota, it might be more like Club Med for football players. 

Robinson is likely headed for free agency once the league resumes. Dahl is the Rams starting strong safety. Also attending the camp is Malcolm Jenkins. Cris Carter has been to the camp before as a coach, mentor for players. Video below.