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Happy 4th of July, Rams fans

The NFL is usually dark, lockout or not, over the 4th of July. It's one of the few holidays that happen at a time when not even this league can muster some excuse to have an event. 

Of course, the NFL doesn't really need the 4th of July. Every Sunday from September through February features fireworks, salutes to the troops and rivers of American flags. Through in flyovers and halftime ceremonies, and you're community fireworks celebration feels like just another thing to drive your dog crazy. And for as over the top as it seems like it should be, the NFL always pulls it off without aplomb. 

We're actually going to dial it down for the day here at TST. Yes, even I like to take a day away from it all here and there. Though given what the wife has planned, I'd be much better served anchored to a desk. We'll be grinding again tomorrow though. 

If you get bored, drop us a question or comment in the comments. We'll pick up for a post later this week. Also, if you see any great fireworks-related injury headlines, drop us a link here. Living in Missouri there's usually plenty of missing hands that started with a case of Natty Light and the words "watch this."

Have a great 4th of July.