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St. Louis Rams training camp: Danario Alexander and Brandon Gibson starting

Two days into training camp, the St. Louis Rams won't have their roster set for some time, not to mention starting jobs at crowded positions like wide receiver. That said, it raises the eyebrows to hear that Danario Alexander and Brandon Gibson are working with the first team today in 11-on-11 work as the starting receivers. 

We have reports coming in by the minute from some our fans out at Rams Park today. One person, @BlazinBox, noted plentiful 2-TE 2-WR sets and a ton of play action passes. That should be music to your ears with players like Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson leading this offense. 

Gibson continues his strong performance early in camp (via @dano_STL), just two days into it. Like the other receivers, Gibson needs a big camp to make a case for himself. This is his third year in the league, when receivers usually put things together an establish themselves. Gibson came on strong as his sophomore season went on last year. If he can iron out some skills, like using his body to get out of coverage and improving his instincts, he might be poised for a breakout. In an interview with us in June, Gibson praised this new offense and told us a little more about how he was diving into the playbook over the summer. 

Alexander is probably the most talent receiver on the team, in terms of the total package. Obviously, his first priority will be staying healthy. Remember, he wasn't even signed until August 22 last year, so this is his first NFL camp. I'm really excited to watch him this year. DX beat Bradley Fletcher for a sweet catch moments ago

Mardy Gilyard has also been seen on the field today, along with the other receivers. Rookie Greg Salas has been reliable catching passes in the flat, per @lannyosu. Not yet suited up because of the bogus NFL rule that keeps free agents on the sideline until August 4, is Friday's acquisition, Mike Sims-Walker

We'll have more reports from camp, so stay tuned. Remember, if you're at camp, be sure to share your thoughts and observations in the FanPosts; we'll get those on the front page for all to see.

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