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Three Thoughts on the John Greco Trade

#1: He must not have been a Spagnuolo guy

That, I think, is pretty obvious by now. Goldberg left a lot to be desired and regardless of what we thought of Greco, he never quite fit in with this current regime. I think it is very possible that the only thing that saved him from being cut is that Shurmur liked him. Which is exactly where he is now, with HC Pat Shurmur and the Browns. I would not be surprised if we saw him be given a chance to start on the offensive line (note to Browns fans: All I know about your team is that Peyton Hillis is the Madden '12 cover guy).

#2: It isn't much, but Devaney makes the most of it

Raise your hand if you think we received a 6th round pick for him? I certainly do. Devaney seems to love that round, trading in and trading out. Where most teams would have just released him, we received a undisclosed future pick. Sure, it isn't much, but something is more than nothing. You have to give props to Billy D for turning a failure into a possible new opportunity (cliche, I know, but the Rams have had some success in late rounds, with players like Vobora, Chamberlain, Setterstrom and Illinois Mike).

UPDATE: It's a conditional seventh rounder. I was close though. Softli laughed at Shurmur for the trade. Who's laughing now?

#3: His departure opens up a backup spot for some player

There is nothing I love seeing more than some undrafted player or street FA work hard and make a team. Greco's departure leaves a spot open for someone to make the team. I'd love to see Bryant Browning, Tyler Donahue, Kevin Hughes, Randall Hunt or Karri Kuuttila stick on with the Rams. Espicially Karri Kuuttila, just to hear Van butcher his name.