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Random Ramsdom Sunday 7/31: Break Today? Doubt it!

What a crazy week, would you agree? G Harvey Dahl, WR Sims-Walker, LB Diles, DT Bannon, S Mikell, CB Harris were all added this week in what was a free agent feeding frenzy. Let me add that not one of these guys were ever reported as on the Rams radar, at least not to my knowledge.

In my opinion, the two biggest signings were Dahl and Mikell. Dahl brings a much needed toughness to the center of the Rams O-Line, a clear weakness last year. Mikell plugs a gaping hole left when OJ Atogwe signed with the Redskins.

Well, on to the links:

Thats about it for today... of course i'm writing this Saturday evening. When I get my arse outa bed, I'll check the wire... heck, maybe we'll sign 5 players overnight at the rate our FO came to life.

Perhaps my joke in the comments yesterday were true... RamChop, did you get a job in the FO?