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Update: John Greco traded to the Cleveland Browns

The Rams decided to trade John Greco to their former offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. Greco, wasn't the best player on the offensive line, but he was a good run blocker. The terms for the trade haven't been said, but don't expect to get anything other than a low draft pick, or a low level player.

 Greco was drafted by the Rams in 2008, with their 3rd round pick. The Rams hoped that he would develop into a starter, but this never came to pass, as he only started 4 games in his young career. He did however split time with Adam Goldberg and looked good in limited starts. He became expendable, when the Rams signed Harvey Dahl, and restructured Jacob Bells contract.

 Pro Football Focus apparently liked him more than the Rams did, when they stated, Weirdly, the one Ram who really impressed us last year was one who saw only 153 snaps, John Greco. In reality, Greco could become a quality starter, if he is allowed to play more. Hiss passion, and drive have been questioned, with the Rams. A change of scenery, could help him more than anything.

The Rams will most likely look to resign Adam Goldberg, or look for another cheap offensive guard in free agency. The Rams might not have a young guard with upside now. But, they will have a much stronger offensive line with Dahl added.

Update: Greco must not have been worth much to the Rams. It appears that the Rams traded him for a unconditional 7th round pick. Which will only be given if he starts.

This was the tweet from Mary Kay Cabot, beatwriter for the Cleveland Browns. 

The pick the  traded for Rams guard John Greco is a conditional 7th-rounder in 2012. They only surrender it if he starts games.!/MaryKayCabot/status/97526935294459904