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Rams free agent rumors: Jerious Norwood

The St. Louis Rams are also said to be interested in recently released Falcons running back Jerious Norwood. Again, Jim Thomas at the PD puts Norwood "on their radar." Norwood joins Ronnie Brown, Jason Snelling, Jerome Harrison, and Joseph Addai on a radar screen so crowded that air space over St. Louis is a very dangerous place until they reach a deal with a running back. 

Norwood is a known commodity inside Rams Park. Billy Devaney was with the Falcons when they drafted him in 2006. Perhaps even more notable is that Rams running backs coach Sylvester Croom was Norwood's head coach at Mississippi State from 2004-2006 (Croom coached the Bulldogs until 2008, when the Rams hired him).

If healthy, a big 'if,' Norwood can be a real threat on the outside. If the injuries haven't taken his speed away, he could be a home run threat. Even if the Rams did add Norwood, it seems unlikely that he'd be the only back added. He's a specialist, like Sproles or even Bush would have been. (For a good read on Norwood, check out this article). 

However, this is all just speculation. The Rams have been "interested" in PLENTY of players this week, and the ones they ended up with usually weren't mentioned.