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Free agent rumors: Brady Poppinga, Adam Goldberg and more

Settle in, because it figures to be another crazy night of NFL free agent rumors. After opening their training camp today, the St. Louis Rams are again active in the free agent market. No new additions have been made, but there is more talk about players on their radar, including more offensive linemen, linebackers and running backs. 

Green Bay Packers free agent linebacker Brady Poppinga visits Rams Park tomorrow. A 31-year-old, he missed most of the season last year with a knee injury. When healthy, he can be a punishing hitter. Poppinga fits the profile of a strongside linebacker in the Rams 4-3 system. It should be clear that the Rams want to get tougher and more experienced on the outside of James Laurinaitis this year. I doubt Zac Diles is the last free agent linebacker the team adds. 

More free agent talk after the jump.

Head coach Steve Spagnuolo told the media today after practice that the team is working to bring back OL Adam Goldberg. I know the idea of Goldberg returning is anathema to many Rams fans, but backup offensive linemen that can play four positions on the line have value. 

Jacob Bell agreed to restructure his contract, saving him from release. I'll be interested to see what kind of deal he got from the Rams. It's good news. With yesterday's splashy addition of Harvey Dahl, the Rams are stacked at that position, having two starters in Dahl and Bell, backed up by Greco and Goldberg a distant fourth. 

Mike Sims-Walker may not be the last receiver the Rams add. It's a long shot, but don't be blown away if a new name joins the list. The market for receivers has been slow to develop, and prices are dropping. 

No news on the backup running back front. I suspect there will be, maybe before the night's over.